What to consider for a Web relaunch for your Brand

website refresh

There are many factors when it comes to a website refresh, rebrand and relaunch for your brand. Have you considered the ones that most for your team?

If it’s a refresh (and not a total relaunch with a rebrand potentially involved) you can consider a few of the following:

  • Have a project manager
  • Establish a sprint / timeline for the work
  • Gather the stakeholders and prep review meetings
  • Ensure you have all the content and creative prepped for your dev team in the environment you use (Jira, etc)
  • Have a launch and QA plan/schedule
  • Have the dev team at the ready for any last minute updates after launch

For a rebrand and relaunch you want to have a few more requirements in your consideration bucket. In addition to the above consider:

  • Have a kickoff
  • Have a longer timeline with built in reviews for designs and time to make updates to the content, creative and design templates
  • Have the SEO team primed for content review and utilize their recommendations during copy timelines
  • Consider weekly work sessions to review with stakeholders
  • Consider daily scrums to discuss goals and blockers for the day and week
  • Have extra budget if extra time is needed, especially when working with agencies
  • Ensure the analytics team has reviewed the current site before updates are finalized to ensure you are not removing what works well, but perhaps just optimizing it
  • Adhere to your digital web strategy (to be discussed more in another post)
  • Have a pre-launch and launch plan
  • Have a larger QA team at the ready along with additional developers if needed
  • Have an announcement plan for the site experience to socialize with your main channels especially for large pieces of content which may be on the homepage
  • Have internal buy-in early so there are no blockers last minute

There’s always a ton to consider, but these are key elements for any website launch.

The last thing you want for your brand is to drop a ball or many balls before go-live. Instead, have a project plan, timeline, and prepped team and feel fully prepared.