Wearable Technology – the Hot New Trend

Wearable technology is all the rage, ranging from fitness measuring devices like the fitbit to smart watches that will connect to your smart phone to Google Glass which will let you control even more “without your fingertips” to clothing that detects temperatures, heart rates and even environmental changes. What’s the hot new toy now? In my humble opinion, I am “geeking” out about the latest in wearable tech fashion such as these dresses that change colors based upon what’s going on inside your body or environment.

This is huge for the medical industry, fitness industry and brands overall. Why you ask? Wouldn’t it be great to know when your heart rate is too high and you need to slow your run down or grab some water? I foresee apps like Runkeeper partnering with such types of tech to give their audience a head’s up. What if the temperature is dropping and you’re hiking pretty far up, and need to head back? Wouldn’t it be great to get an alert through the fabric of your underarmour shirt?
Imagine if you’re a celebrity on stage and want your audience to see your tweets live or the hashtag for your event? Forget a live stream on a screen, why not giveaway tshirts that show the hashtag on them in different light settings? Have your live tweets show up on the tshirts too.
Now if that’s not contextual relevance, what is?
Tech is sexy and you know it.
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